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Why Strategy Planning Is More Fun Than Implementation

One of my favorite bloggers and authors and “philosophers of our time” is Seth Godin.  I’ve been following his material since Squidoo launched in 2006 or so.

In a recent blog post, he talks about what he calls the Confusing Logistics And Strategy Problem, which is a standard problem that people who think about the world differently face when talking about their ideas.

In short, what Seth says is the “problem” is that planning (social media) marketing strategy is a different job than implementing the (social media) strategy, and the gap between dreaming it up and actually getting it to work can sometimes be a rather large gap, with many details that need fine-tuning and troubleshooting.

And when the momentum of the planning slows down in that gap, the majority of people tend to gripe and complain, and sag their shoulders at how the strategy itself must be flawed and need adjustment.

Just about every great new project couples a brilliant strategy with impossible logistics that somehow get handled. – Seth Godin

Implementation Of Strategy Takes Patience

We’ve all got parts of our jobs that seem to be lead by a flash of inspiration, where we’re scrambling to keep up to the excellent flow of thoughts and ideas coursing through our heads, and parts where now that the inspiration has shown the way, some slogging has to be done to get to the next goalpost.

Implementation of a new and challenging Marketing strategy will no doubt be fraught with obstacles and challenges, but it will also be dotted with flashes of inspiration that get us past the immediate hurdles and down the road just a bit further again.

The question is… are you brave enough to weather the challenges and the insecurity of walking down the road that isn’t defined by the bootsteps of a million before you?

Do you BELIEVE enough to know that this challenging path is the right one for you and your company?

If so, I want to talk to you, because I’ve got the guts to push us through, and I want to work with people who have the tenacity to know we’ll get there in the end.



Hey! This Hits #Winnipeg Twitterland! *blush*

Hmm, when did I hook this blog up to my Twitter feed? :)

Probably a while ago, and then I forgot.

At any rate, I was a little surprised to see a link to the recent Christmas Craft Sale in Winnipeg posts on my “Sent Tweets” list on Hootsuite, and it got me to thinking about how recently, I’ve started to see what Yahoo! articles people are reading, through my Facebook news feed, as well.

I can understand how some people are hesitant to get too “in” to using the Internet when the openness of Social Media is forced upon them in some ways.  The fact that it’s convenient to use the Facebook login to access a whole bunch of other websites these days doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea to use that convenience.

I’m a pretty private person myself and being in the Social Media marketing field has really given me a lot to think about in terms of online personal image vs personal lifestyles.  In particular, the permanence of the online personal image, and the lack of immediate clarity as to WHEN the image building factors were put online.

Personally, when I hooked my Yahoo! account to my Facebook account recently while considering joining a Yahoo Group, I made sure to disconnect it again before any of the saucy headlines caught my eye and tattled to my family of my prurient interests, like that article about the guy who had the biggest thing EVER

Have you ever had something embarrassing on your Facebook News feed because of some site you didn’t realize published to it?

If You’re Afraid To Be Authentic, Social Media Isn’t For You

The Internet is making things very interesting for people who like to try to control other people.

In specific, people and companies that want to control the opinions or written commentaries about them, or want to hide their membership list from others, or pretend they’ve got something so unique that everyone else in the world is waiting to steal it…

These people are having a lot of troubles embracing Social Media and Social Networking Read More…

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