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Craft Sales in Winnipeg

Here’s a site I found today while I was looking for a list of craft sales in Winnipeg:

Handmade in Manitoba

It’s a website that provides a bunch of links to crafty type people in Winnipeg, and has a schedule of craft shows that are going on, listed on the side of the site.

It’s quite update as of today, at least.  I hope it will continue to be updated for whatever the next craft season is after Christmas.

I’m a craft noob.  Is there a Valentine’s craft season? :)


Winnipeg Vineyard Christmas Craft Sale

Wow, was the craft sale at the Vineyard Church here in Winnipeg ever crowded today!

Plenty of businesses displaying their wares, plenty of people streaming around the room, pausing at various displays, chatting with the business owners running the tables, and hopefully plenty of money changing hands!

Of course, as a Social Media Manager who handles websites and Internet Marketing, I wasn’t one of the people who had a craft to sell.  I was part-buyer, part-prospector.

Actually, I went to the craft show with a girlfriend, and had very little plans as to what I was going to do. I knew one of the business owners selling specialty hand-made soaps in Winnipeg at the show, so beyond going to find their table and saying hello, I wasn’t sure what my plan was.

I brought some business cards but didn’t really have a plan for how I was going to hand them out, and so I only handed out one, and that was when I saw someone else had used VistaPrint for their business cards just like I did, and I recognized the easy segue to give me an excuse to hand out my card.

But the card I had was for when I go to Meetups, not craft shows… so it was out of context…

This is the plight of the mesovert.  I decide it’s a good idea to get out there and socialize, but then I don’t plan ahead, and once I’m there, I am overwhelmed by the crowds and a plan doesn’t naturally come to me.

That’s okay, next time I have a much better idea of what I want to do.  I’ve already put my order in with VistaPrint for my prospecting-specific actions.

But I gathered information about what I can do NEXT time I go to a craft show.

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