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My Anti-Anxiety Meds: Guitar and Audiostuff

There’s a lot going on in the next little while.

Meetups, prospect coffee meetings, client work, and a little bit of “life stress” as well.

I’m feeling anxious, so I’m going to take an hour … or however long it takes (usually less not more) for my fingers to be far too sore to continue to play… the acoustic guitar.

I’m going to listen to some older Social Media podcasts by Mitch Joel since I’m catching up on his 240+ episodes… and play until I can’t play anymore.

What do you do to relieve your anxiety and help you relax in order to get back into the flow?


If You’re Afraid To Be Authentic, Social Media Isn’t For You

The Internet is making things very interesting for people who like to try to control other people.

In specific, people and companies that want to control the opinions or written commentaries about them, or want to hide their membership list from others, or pretend they’ve got something so unique that everyone else in the world is waiting to steal it…

These people are having a lot of troubles embracing Social Media and Social Networking Read More…

Using Vistaprint For Business Cards

I started to use Vistaprint for my business cards in December of this past year.

Winnipeg Social Media Strategist

I went to my first Winnipeg Meetup Group, Out and About Winnipeg in December before Christmas and realized that I seriously needed to get some business cards before I started going out to the business meetups in the new year.

You can order from Vistaprint and get 250 cards for the price of shipping alone, which to my Canadian address is less than $10.  It’s the best deal I’ve seen around, and everyone I’ve given my card to has been impressed that I got so many for so little, and that the card is so wicked.

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