How Are You Overcoming Your Fears Of Business Success?

Social Media for Network Marketers

I love my work.

I love that my work is largely to philosophize about other people’s businesses, and then report back with innovative ways to communicate how Social Media and Social Networking can turn into real business and real sales for someone’s every day business.

Social Media for Network Marketers

Social Media for Network Marketers

Social Media for Network Marketers

Recently, I went to coffee with a couple who had recently joined a Network Marketing firm as a side business to augment – and hopefully overtake – their J.O.B. income.

I personally haven’t had a lot of experience with Network Marketing or MLM companies, but I’ve had enough experience to know that the focus for many tends to be on the money that can be made (especially once that tantalizing “downline” is established a few layers deep), rather than the product that can provide value for its consumer in some way.  I’ve always kept an open mind and avoided casting judgement, but have kept a distance from anyone who started talking about Network Marketing or MLM.

Going for coffee created some anxiety for me, thinking about dealing with “a network marketer”, but I purposely gave that thought no room to take root in my head, and instead went back to thinking about how to communicate how Social Media can be used in a non-spammy and non-scammy way to help them build their business.

Biggest Obstacle To A Large Downline

I realized, while talking to this couple, that one of the biggest obstacles to getting someone to become part of the downline is the fact that sure – earning residual income sounds great, everyone wants money that flows in without additional effort put in, right?  But lots of people (on an emotional level) don’t feel they DESERVE that kind of money when it really comes down to it.

And people who believe they don’t deserve something will generally sabotage themselves in order to “prove it” to both themselves and to others, no matter how much we try to help them succeed.

We are what we believe, after all.

When I first clicked into the concept of residual income that came from a source outside the “scary” stock market (note: I still don’t do anything with stocks, but it’s way less scary than it used to be), the thing that kept me from moving forward into figuring out how to earn this passive income wasn’t knowledge…

It was that I believed, at that time, that it was “stealing”, or somehow “evil” to earn money without working hard for every penny.

I watched my parents both work incredibly hard and suffer physically and emotionally from it, and I was programmed to believe that this was going to have to be my life, too.

What I Learned From My Desire For Residual Income

So, learning about residual income and how it works disrupted my whole world view, and I spent YEARS re-building the mental and philosophical structures that were demolished in those few hours it took to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

I’d love to hear about what fears you’ve been overcoming in your quest for business success, fellow entrepreneurs!


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