If You’re Afraid To Be Authentic, Social Media Isn’t For You

The Internet is making things very interesting for people who like to try to control other people.

In specific, people and companies that want to control the opinions or written commentaries about them, or want to hide their membership list from others, or pretend they’ve got something so unique that everyone else in the world is waiting to steal it…

These people are having a lot of troubles embracing Social Media and Social Networking for their businesses online.

Authentic Social Media

Authentic Social Media

Now, I understand, it’s a scary thing to put yourself out there and know that people could make comments about you that you can’t stop others from seeing.

I know it’s a scary thing to think about the return of these customers, clients or members that were alienated in the past because they disagreed with the way you ran your business – usually they don’t have pleasant things to say about you.

But one thing I like about this Authenticity and Transparency paradigm is that just talking about what good Social Media looks like begins the process of non-authentic, non-transparent prospects self-opting out of the sales cycle.  It’s becoming more and more clear to me the body language and verbal language people use when they’re interested, but afraid of the concequences of actually embracing Social Media full-on.

Recognizing these people lets me spend less time on prospects I have to “sell” to, and more time talking to people who are already “sold” and just looking for the right person to help them plan and implement the deal.

And my friends, it’s all in the vibe they give off.  I’m so fortunate to have a good vibrational reader, this is helping a lot in the prospecting and early sales cycle!


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About Jill Lampi (aka: TheWebGrrl)

Marketing Automation specialist, Internet Marketer, Copywriter, black belt, philosopher, coach. Helping small Canadian businesses grow using Social Media and Internet Marketing.

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