Using Vistaprint For Business Cards

I started to use Vistaprint for my business cards in December of this past year.

Winnipeg Social Media Strategist

I went to my first Winnipeg Meetup Group, Out and About Winnipeg in December before Christmas and realized that I seriously needed to get some business cards before I started going out to the business meetups in the new year.

You can order from Vistaprint and get 250 cards for the price of shipping alone, which to my Canadian address is less than $10.  It’s the best deal I’ve seen around, and everyone I’ve given my card to has been impressed that I got so many for so little, and that the card is so wicked.

It’s a great way to start out with cards, especially when you’re not really sure what message or what title or what information you want to have on it.

Design Your Own Business Card

Well, it’s not the graphical design you get to choose so much as the text layout, which has suggestions for what you should be filling in at any spot, but allows you to use the space as you desire.

For me, the “We Met At A Winnipeg Meetup” line was originally supposed to be the Company Name, for example.

These particular cards have gotten more “Wow” responses to them than the other card I had done with Vistaprint initially, so I’ve re-ordered another 250 cards in this design with some slight information tweaks.  For instance, saying “Social Media Strategist” instead of “Business Marketing Strategist”.

Online Or Offline, Business Cards Still Communicate

My job is completely online, but I still am finding great value in my business cards.

It gives me another reason to interact with people, besides to ask them what they do and how long they’ve been going to these kinds of gatherings.

It gives me something to bring home when they have one to give me in return, and lets me remember who they are to connect later.

It’s fun, like changing shoes, because I can have a whole mess of cards of all sorts of different designs, for all sorts of projects, and it all looks professional to boot!


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