Sometimes my own genius amazes me…

And aren’t I just full of myself this morning??!

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By Jove!

I just had an epiphany. Completely unrelated to the previous posts, but related to business in general, and where I want to go with mine, and how I want to use it as my way to give gifts of joy and happiness and the opportunity to challenge oneself.

One of my “pet projects” is a video broadcast channel that I’m just getting off the ground. It’s purpose is to help small business owners get exposure for your business.  Right now I’m focusing my interview efforts on the local-to-me market, mainly because when I think about how big the world is, I get overwhelmed at the possibilities of all the interviews to set up and manage and deal with, so I’m starting with what I perceive to be a “smaller market”.

Of course, the real truth is that I control the market size in terms of who I interview.  Even if 200 say they want to be interviewed, I don’t HAVE to spend due diligent time reviewing each “fairly” in order to decide who to interview.  I can throw them into a hat and draw that way if I desire.  I really don’t have to put this much pressure on myself, nor restrict my market to the local one in particular, but I’m doing it just the same, because I decided to.

My plan is to eventually expand outside of the local market and let the natural forces attract me to where I’m meant to be, but for now, while I get set up and practice, I’m okay with what’s going on.

Well, mostly.

You see, part of the reason I’m looking to do these interviews is to get into contact with local businesses who either offer complimentary services to mine so we can refer business back and forth between each other, or to find businesses who would benefit from my consulting services and give me a great way to have that first conversation to warm them up to me.

I’ve been working pretty feverishly at developing a structure to handle this whole interview process, because it’s not just the interview, it’s the prep process and the pre-and-post-interview marketing, mixed with a few technology issues here and there.  Oh, and because there are no real examples for people to look at to know what to expect, I’m building information ABOUT what to expect.  Doing a lot of deliberate creation in my head, visualization, etc, and now that the full stories are forming in my head from all the little pieces, I’m doing a lot of production in an attempt to communicate what’s going on in there.

My realization, however, was this: As I’m working through these first few interviews to set the standard for moving forward, I’m negotiating with fellow freelancers that I would like to feature on the “show”.  I’m finding that some of them seem to want me to “chase” them more than I’m comfortable with… so I’m playing the light dance between giving them light attention and putting more of my attention towards other things that will enable me to attract interviewees that are more interested and excited and responsive.

I realize that some of these people aren’t really playing a “game”, and they’re probably not purposely avoiding responding to me, and heck, I know I do the same (right Deb?) at times with a few days going by before I respond to a message… but at the same time, I don’t begrudge someone who moves ahead on their projects without me if I’m slow on the draw and others are quicker, so I need to keep the latter in mind more than the former, because the former keeps me putting in time and effort where it doesn’t properly pay, and the latter gets me moving forward.

So, this channel I have, it’s a great pre-cursor test to finding freelance strategic partners that I am comfortable working with on multiple levels.

It lets me get connected with many different people for a short period of time, lets me get to know their personality and values, and during the interview preparation and during the interview itself it will be clear how self-directed this person is, which is a key value I’m seeking for strategic partnerships of my own.

So ultimately, this pet project is letting me screen freelancers WITHOUT giving them a paid gig to do, to see how responsive and responsible they are, or, in the case of the ones who seem to want to be “chased”, how passive and non-responsive they are.

I realize that some of the people are going to be responsive or non-responsive to me for reasons beyond my control, and it may not reflect on their ability to be responsive and responsible to others in their lives, but at the same time, I am glad to know that there are many potential strategic partners and interviewees out there, and therefore if one is dawdling along, I don’t have to slow down and wait for them.

Who knows, they might have picked up their pace enough to join me on my next lap!  And heck, maybe I’m still 5 laps behind from earlier in life and don’t even know it yet because I’m so far behind them I think I’m in front!! :)

Life is abundant. I’m looking forward to expanding out and talking to and reaching more people, and I’m looking forward to the fortuitous cycle of more money to invest in building and improving this business I love, so it can make more money so I can build it more!


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