My Second Winnipeg Small Business Meetup Experience

Winnipeg Business Meetups

I’ve set up this new blog to talk about my business and social networking experiences, since I’ve launched into this new period of my life.

I subscribed to in mid-December, and have gone to six or so different Meet Ups around the city of Winnipeg and have had a really great time!  

Winnipeg Small Business Meetup

Winnipeg Business Meetups

Winnipeg Business Meetups

Today I went to the Winnipeg Small Business Meetup for the second time.  It was at a restaurant close to my house, and is the only “weekend” Meetup group that I’ve gotten involved with so far.  We met at 1pm and there were 10 of us there this time, and when I left at about 2:30, 7 people were still there, chatting away!

Since this is the second time I have gone to this particular Meetup in the city, I had already met and talked to the coordinator of the group last month, and three others in the group were ladies I had met in previous Meetups – either this same Small Business one, or at the one Meetup for the Out and About Winnipeg group that I attended just before Christmas.

That left six people that I hadn’t met before, whose stories I could start to collect, and with whom I could scope out to see if I want to put them on the “ping them periodically” list.

Who I Met Today

Today, I came home with four new business cards.  Only one of the ladies who was new to me didn’t have a card, and one of the cards I DID get represented the business that a couple were in together on.

I met Madame Louise and her husband Luis who are Winnipeg Artisan Soap Makers who are apparently finding decent success building a following for their new business venture via Facebook. As of this posting they have 485 fans of their page and quite a nice bit of interactivity!

I kind of wish I had an Internet-connected iPad for some of these Meetups, it would sure be nice to get connected with them right there, in front of them, but I guess it’s okay to have to go home and follow up, too – it shows I have an attention span, right?

I also met Kelly Faubert who is the husband of the group coordinator, Jennifer Faubert.  Kelly works for the Business Development Bank of Canada and has a business selling health drinks on the side, as well.  It’s called Mona Vie, but I didn’t ask very much about it.  The first couple questions I asked fell flat, and this side business didn’t seem like a focus, and I wasn’t really interested in talking about corporate finances and loans.  That’s okay, we both found others to talk to.

Glen Westberg was also there, a newbie to the Meetup scene, he bought a small business that does violin repairs since he’s a violinist-turned-fiddler in some of his hobby hours.  I quite enjoyed his energy and interest in things like music, investing, real estate and business in general because I, too, am interested in all those things!

Randy Anderson is another one I met today, and while I have NO IDEA what he actually does in his business from a day to day standpoint – he’s owner of “Anderson Drafting Service” – his “vibe” was relaxed and happy and satisfied with life, which is always great to see.  After 15 years in business he’s at a point where he could decide to just coast and relax, but what entrepreneur is truly satisfied with that long? :)

Prospects? Perhaps?

I’m on the lookout for new clients, I’m a Winnipeg Social Media Strategist who has been embracing Internet technology and social networking since 1993 when I built my first website and traded my first reciprocal links.

I’d love to find some forward-thinking entrepreneurs to provide consulting services to so they don’t have to spend a lot of time “learning” how to network with their business online without getting in trouble for being a “spammer” or a “scammer”, and so they can focus on building their company while letting me focus on coordinating the majority of the online presence, while they’re still involved at key points where the “voice” and “congruency” of the company is something I as a consultant can’t replicate.

Will I get any business from this Meetup?  Who knows!  But every Meetup I’m going to, I’m meeting lots of people who are interested in what I have to offer…

If I can only clarify it to myself…


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